Are You Read​y!

Discover THE catalyst Fo​r change, WELLNESS AND success - BE "PRESENT" IN YOUR LIFE AND claim your power.  

Awareness is the key to transformation

Presence is Power: Master Classes

The first step on the road to prosperity resides in mindfulness—in being aware of our current position so that we can genuinely assess whether we want to continue along the path we are on or branch out in new directions. As soon as we make that decision, we are on our way.

  • Presence is Power -- the power to be the miracle in your own life.
  • You can only change your personal perspective - all else follows.
  • Change the self-image you broadcast - be the change in your life.


Private Sessions

A personal session with Gudni, online or in a studio setting, or both. 

Online or in person


Master Class

A seminar with Gudni, ​online, in a studio setting, or both.

corporate setting


Group Consultancy

A flexible workshop format over a weekend - held ​online or a studio setting, or both.

online or in person



A three-hour workshop format for four evenings​ ​based on the book Presence is Power.



Gudni Gunnarsson
EU:  Reykjavik, ICELAND
USA:  Los Angeles, CA
(+354) 843-6200